About us

After twenty years travelling the globe to work on and develop collections for other brands I finally decided to put my love of Accessories and Hats into my own brand!

During this time, I also spent many years forming relationships with Italian Craftspeople. Italy and it's people have always held a close place in my heart.

When starting Kate & Confusion I knew that designing quality product that would stand the test of time and trends was essential. I knew that I could put my trust in my Italian friends to produce to the quality that my customers would expect.

Designed to be loved and to last with enduring design and crafted in Italy with the finest materials.

Fashion and accessories play an important role in my memories. My mother for instance had a particular pair of leather gloves that she would bring out each winter. That is why I designed the Zella pin punched gloves as each time I see them, the memories of my mother come flooding back.

I hope that you create beautiful memories with your piece of Kate & Confusion.


Sarah Kate xx