Memories made from fashion

I have always appreciated quality so it was important that our collections would stand the test of time.

My favourite pieces of our range are still the leather gloves.

They are all handmade in Italy and we only use the highest quality leather which means that they are incredibly soft.

I have a vivid memory of my mother owning a beautiful pair of leather gloves that she had for years. Each winter they would come out and they still looked fantastic and so soft and comforting against the winter chill. I designed the Zella Pin Punch Leather Gloves which are just like those my mother owned to honour her.

I want that for my customers – to own their pieces of Kate & Confusion for years to come and for them to create great memories with them.

Funnily, my four year old son loves to wear my Biker Chick leather gloves, so I wonder if he will have a great memory of me and my gloves too. Either that or he just appreciates the soft leather too.